As CH-53K Enters The Market, Boeing Remains Confident In Chinook

James Drew wrote an article on Flight Global talking about how Boeing still remains confident as the CH-53K Chinook enters the market. According to Steve Parker, Boeing’s vice president of the heavy lift helicopter program, the CH-47 Chinook is in a great position to go up against international orders such as the Sikorsky CH-35K King Stallion as both the CH-53K and CH-47 go up against Germany. Germany is planning to replace its outdated fleet. The outdated fleet is the CH-53Gs which will be replaced in 2022. Luftwaffe says that the CH-47 and CH-53K are most appropriate for the Bell-Boeing V-22.

In West Palm Beach, Florida the Lockheed Martin owned Sikorsky just recently secure funding from the US Government for Lot 1 parts. The Lockheed Martin owned Sikorsky has two of the CH-53K aircrafts.

It’s been said that the US Marine Corps wants to replace the CH-53E with two hundred units of the CH-53Ks with its first operational squadron due 2019. The King Stallion can lift over 27,000 lbs. over 10nm in high heat conditions.

According to Parker, the leader of the H-47 program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the CH-53K is considered a “very good helicopter” however, the helicopter is being delayed in terms of delivery. This is considered rare as most of all the Chinook units have a proven record of delivering in a timely manner while meeting each customer’s specific needs.

Boeing was founded in July 15, 1916 in Seattle, Washington. Its headquarters are in Chicago Illinois. Boeing is considered an aircraft manufacturing company with subsidiaries such as Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Aviall, and Insifu.

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