There is a New Spear Missile for the F-35

On May 19th 2016, Chris Pook released an article on AINonline talking about how there has been a new spear missile for the F-35 that was confirmed by the United Kindgom Ministry of Defense. This was a contract that was over $590 million for the spear missile. This has been in the works since the design was released in 2012. It seems this F-35 spear missile won’t be done and ready to go until sometime in the middle of 2020. This information was provided by the Ministry of Defense.

To understand more about the F-35 spear missile, here is what Chris Pocock has written.

“Spear is an acronym for Selected Precision Effects at Range. The new missile has a range of more than 60 miles thanks to pop-out wings and an innovative turbojet powerplant. It has a multi-mode seeker and a multi-effects warhead. It can be used as a “fire-and-forget” weapon, or in a semi-active mode via laser designation, or in a fully networked mode thanks to a two-way datalink. It is designed to attack a broad range of targets.”

Dave Armstrong, the managing director of MBDA’s UK division talks about the Spear. The Spear

“Will provide the kind of precision against moving targets previously seen with Brimstone, but at stand-off ranges that give the F-35 aircrew numerous advantages in terms of operational flexibility and survivability.”

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense was formed in 1964 and has headquarters in Whitehall, Westminster, London. They have over 56000 employees with an annual budget of 45 billion pounds which equates to roughly $69 billion USD.

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October 12, 2022