US Army in Developments for Avatar Army

The US Army is currently in the works to develop a computer program that will simulate full-bodied and complete-anatomy avatars of the men and women who risk their lives for this great, beautiful country of ours. The US army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine is spear-heading this project and hopes to create a 3-D full-anatomy individual avatar soldiers of all regardless of size, shape and even gender. In order to do that The US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) is working on a software that will mathematically create a model and from there utilize that model to develop a library of first-generation of avatars. To date, the USARIEM project has already developed a grand total of 250 male avatars but strictly for the sole purpose on evaluation only.

As of right now there are no military implications or applications other than for research purposes. This online catalog of individualized avatars represents the uniquely specialized members of each of the special units comprising of the US Army. USARIEM Mathematical Modeller Gary Zientara believes this is just the first step in almost limitless application for the project. By utilizing this model to its peak efficiency and designed application, Zientara believes we can harness a tactical edge in warfare. Zientara cites examples where an individual soldier’s avatar can be equipped and ran through countless simulations independent of human supervision to effectively play out the engagement scenario without risking any casualties.

The US Army can test for angles of vulnerability and trigger physiological responses in almost any environment to ensure that every element and variables of a particular scenario has been adequately accounted for. If the most valuable resource in a war is the life of an individual, this project will prove to be extremely vital to making sure we preserve our most valuable asset, ourselves. The computer program has been developed by incorporating body surface-scanning technology that has been made available to us by the Anthropometry Team at the Natick Soldier R&D and Engineering Center. It is only through their involvement that the project is able to take flight. This project is expected to massively assist the US Military in minimizing the element of human involvement when it comes to warfare simulations.

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January 22, 2016