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FSG 26 tires and tubes

Here at ASAP Aviation Procurement for management purposes, each Federal Supply Code is used to distinguish a group of products into logical families. The Federal Supply Group 26 is comprised of a broad range of tire and tube equipment.

Within this Group 26, we are capable of providing a comprehensive selection of Federal Supply Codes, such as:

  • FSC 2610 – Tires and Tubes, Pneumatic Except Aircraft
    Tires provide traction between the vehicle and the ground. Typically, made out of rubber, tires absorb shock. Pneumatic, air-filled tires carry many platforms ranging from bicycles to trucks to heavy equipment to cars.

  • FSC 2620 – Tires and Tubes, Pneumatic Aircraft
    The aircraft tire market is dominated by the United States’ Goodyear, France’s Michelin, the United Kingdom’s Dunlop, and Japan’s Bridgestone.

  • FSC 2630 – Tires, Solid and Cushion
    Pneumatic tires come in either solid or air-filled variants. Solid tires are entirely comprised of rubber. Costlier than the air-filled version, solid tires cannot be gouged or popped. Cushion tires are ideal for indoor use as they are shorter and less wide than pneumatic tires.

  • FSC 2640 – Tires and Tubes, Rebuilding Repair Material
    Material needed to repair tires and tubes include vulcanizing fabric, quick-cure gum, valves, valve cores, tread gum, and friction cord fabric.

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