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FSG 30 mechanical power transmission equipment

Here at ASAP Aviation Procurement for management purposes, each Federal Supply Code is used to distinguish a group of products into logical families. The Federal Supply Group 30 is comprised of a broad range of mechanical power transmission equipment.

Within this Group 30, we are capable of providing a comprehensive selection of Federal Supply Codes, such as:

  • FSC 3010 – Torque Converters and Speed Changers
    Torque converters are a type of fluid coupling that are primarily utilized in to transfer power from a prime mover to a rotating driven load. Typical prime movers include internal combustion engines and electric motor. Speed changers allow for a mechanical power source to shift from one speed to another. Think of speed changers as the gears on a mountain bike.

  • FSC 3020 – Gear Pulley Sprocket and Transmission Chain

  • FSC 3030 – Belting Drive Belts Fan Belts and Accessories
    Belting drives are made of flexible material and connect two or more mechanical rotating shafts. Belting drives are usually utilized as a source of motion to transmit power, but they can also be used to track relative movement. These systems are very one of the cheapest and most efficient means of transferring power. Additional advantages include little running noise and ample cushioning against load changes, despite having less strength than gear pulley sprockets and transmission chains.

  • FSC 3040 – Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipment
    Items in this category include collars, ball joints, gear shafts, and actuating cylinders. Each of these components are used in various internal combustion engines and electric motors. Collars hold mechanical components in place, Ball joints allow for free smooth movement across a limited range, gear shafts allow for gears to interact with one another, and actuating cylinders transfer pressure and hydraulic fluid flow into linear or rotary motion.

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