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FSG 47 pipe tubing hose and fittings

Federal Supply Group Number 47 includes products such as culvert pipe connector bands, metallic pipes, plastic pipes, tubes and rigid tubing and their assemblies. For this Federal Supply Group, it doesn't include air conditioning-heating pipes, asbestos and cement, bituminized fiber, clay and concrete pipes, conduit pipes and their assemblies. Federal Supply Group 47 products are used and designed to make joints as strong as the rest of the pipe. The Office of the Secretary of Defense developed and adopted the Federal Supply Classification System. Federal Supply Group 47 is then subdivided into the following Federal Supply Codes:

The first two numbers represent the group and the following two numbers are subdivide into classes. The Federal Supply code is then followed by the nine digit identification number. The entire numbers combine make the National Stock Number. An example of an item that falls under the Federal Group Number 47 is a connector band that usually lap around joining ends of pipes sections with interlocking corrugations or dimpled projections. Another example of an item that falls under this category is a metallic or nonmetallic item is used to direct low pressure air conditioning-heating systems. Another example is a metallic tube that is a straight hollow product, welded or seamless of round, square, or any other section and continuous periphery. At ASAP Aviation Procurement, we understand the importance of classifying each item to the appropriate Federal Supply Code. Within each of these codes, you are able to find a broad range of National Stock Number parts on our proprietary website ASAP Aviation Procurement.


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