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Federal Supply Group 48 category has products such as electric motor operated valves, hydraulic operated valves, and solenoid operated valves. For this group, it doesn't include products such as engine intake and exhaust valves, valves designed for firefighting equipment, and plumbing equipment that are all classified under different federal supply codes. The Office of the Secretary of Defense developed and adopted the Federal Supply Classification System. The set up the Federal Supply Classification System is it consists of 78 groups that are then subdivided into 645 classes. The group identifies the commodity area covered by classes within the group. Each class that is subdivided under the group number consists of items that cover a homogeneous area of commodities such as their physical or performance categories. For Federal Supply Group 48 is subdivided into the following the classes:

The four digit Federal Supply Code is then followed by the National Identification Number. The thirteen numbers combine make up the National Stock Number that make it easy to identify products. An example of an item that falls under Federal Supply Group 48 is an actuator, electro-mechanical, rotary is a self-contained power transmitting device designed to convert electrical energy into controlled mechanical force in the form of a torque. This actuator is made of electric motors, gear boxes, limit switches and other accessories used for specific moving and positioning of other components. Another item is a ported ball is classified under Federal Supply Group 48. The ported ball is a spherical shaped device that has two or more ports used to prevent or regulate the flow of fluids in a valve or nozzle. At Black Paw we understand the importance of identifying each item to their proper Federal Supply Code. Within each one of these codes you are able to find a broad range of National Stock Number parts on our proprietary website ASAP Aviation Procurement.


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