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Federal Supply Group 51 includes items such as chisels, files, pipe cutters, rasps, saws, screw plates, axes, hatchets, machetes, blades, brace, broach, chisel, and etc. The Federal Supply Code is the first four digits of the product's National Stock Number. The first two numbers of the Federal Supply Code identify the product to what group it belongs to. The next two numbers represent the class that the item falls under. The Federal Supply Code is then followed by the nine-digit National Identification Number that makes up the National Stock Number. The Office of Secretary of Defense developed and adopted this classification system. Federal Supply Group 51 is a category of all hand tools. The hand tools are used in a number of different ways for example a chisel is a tool used for cutting an edge on wood metal or stone. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on what task they are being used on. Another type of product that falls under this supply group is pipe cutters. Pipe cutters are very commonly used in plumping to give nice straight cuts. Another product type that falls under Federal Supply Group 51 is hatchets that are used for numerous jobs such as cutting through thick shrubs or small limbs. Federal Supply Group 51 is then subdivided in the following classes:

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