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FSG 53 hardware and abrasives

Federal Supply Group 53 is consists of hardware and abrasives items. At ASAP Aviation Procurement we understand the importance of clarifying and identifying what National Stock Numbers are associated with the Federal Supply Codes they correspond to. The Federal Supply Code is the first four numbers of the National Stock Number of a product that are used to classify and identify products that the government uses and buys. Some Federal Supply Codes cover a larger area of products than other supply codes. The first two numbers of the Federal Supply Codes identify what group the items belong to. The group number is followed by two numbers that represent what classes the items correspond to. Federal Supply Code 53 is subdivided in the following:

The four digit codes I have just mentioned are all associated with a thirteen national stock number that identifies all the standardized material items of supply's that have been recognized by all the North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries including United States Department of Defense. The government agency that regulates this Federal Supply Code's is the Defense Logistics Agency. This agency's primary role is to provide supplies to the military services and supports their acquisition of weapons, repair parts and other materials. Through our proprietary website ASAP Aviation Procurement, you are able to find a broad range of National Stock Number parts associated with these codes.


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