Get an Instant Quote for Part Number PACMKP21BSFS428 by Industrial Tectonics Bearings Co with NSN 3120016664014

Part No. : PACMKP21BSFS428 Manufacturer : Industrial Tectonics Bearings Co NSN : 3120-01-666-4014
Item Name : Bearing Sleeve CAGE Code : 06144 FSC : 3120 Bearings Plain Unmounted

ASAP Aviation Procurement is pleased to announce that part number PACMKP21BSFS428 of NSN 3120016664014 is now available and in stock. We can get you one of the fastest and most competitive quotes on this part. Part number PACMKP21BSFS428 is a bearing sleeve manufactured by Industrial Tectonics Bearings Co under CAGE Code 06144. Simply fill out the Request for Quote (RFQ) form provided here to get started on your quote.

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PACMKP21BSFS428 Bearing Sleeve
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