Amphibian Seaplane AG-600

State run Aviation company, Aviation Industry Corporation of China has created what is known as the AG-600 “amphibian” sea plane. The AG-600 also known as the Kunlong by its natives the aircraft initiates its first flight from land. The aircraft has full capability of departing from the large bodies of water. The process of creating such as unique aircraft took a process of approximately 7 years. Its main purpose is to be able to perform different variety of tasks such as sea rescues, firefighting and will be used as a law enforcement for Southern Chinas artificial islands.

It’s one of kind design makes it the one and only in the industry and the beginning to aircrafts of its type. Becoming the world’s largest land and sea aircraft having completed its first flight from the Civil Aviation Airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Aviation Industry Corporation has created the AG-600 with strictly Chinese components. The aircraft will be equipped with four WJ-6 engines deriving from older model engines made in the 1950s. The aircraft will not carry any ammunition but is suitable for carrying large missiles or torpedoes due the size and capacity of the aircraft.

The AG600 has a wingspan of 121 feet and a maximum takeoff weight of 53.6 tons, making it about as large as an Airbus 320 or Boeing 737. The amphibious seaplane features both a boat-like hull for water takeoffs and landings and a conventional, tricycle-style set of landing gears for operating from a runway.

When empty the Kunlong has the ability to seat up to 50 passengers comfortably. Its size is no factor for its ability to fly as the aircraft can stay in the air for over 12 hours reaching up to 2800 flight miles. Aviation Industry Corporation is currently underway on promoting the Kunlong as it has currently reached over 17 orders to different branches in the Chinese Government.

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Twin Jet assembly

Rockwell Collins’ Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP) has been a great resource for aviation companies’ worldwide. Providing top of the line maintance to companies in the industry, the program has an extensive list of abilities it can benefit companies that become a part of or renew their contract such as the France based TWIN JET. The French operator plans to renew its fleet of 12 Beechcraft 1900D aircrafts during the span of the following three years.

CASP offers corporate aircraft operators maintenance for avionics and cabin entertainment equipment. Rentals, exchanges, component repairs, comprehensive reliability upgrades, equipment removal and refit coverage are included. –

Twin Jet is able conducts over 200 flights per week to various airports across Europe. Countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland benefit tremendously from Twin Jets services. Twin Jet specializes in various types of works that involve charter/ad-hoc flights, sanitary flights along many aeronautical training and maintenance.

Due to the large size of their flights being carried out at Twin Jet, the company will benefit greatly from the CASP.

The resources at CASP will allow for twin jet to continue to minimize their airplane down time. Rockwell Collins has many parts in their grasp and can provide

The CASP has been such a great success that it has been able to hit and maintain a 90% renewal rate over its time of existence. It offers a 24/7 customer service line for customers worldwide. The CASP is able to provide a set price for companies thus eliminating the possibility to have to endure an emergency repair expense. Twin Jets airworthiness manger, Mr. Oliver Dubois ensures that the company is proud of their decision of renewing their contract stating,” We value the superior customer support, budget predictability and consistent aircraft availability that comes with the program.”

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Pacific Sky Aviation

The Canadian based airline Viking just secured a qualification approval from Transport Canada. This qualification approval is for the Level D full flight simulator for the 400 Twin Otter family of aircraft. The actual approval is through Viking Air’s sister company, Pacific Sky Aviation.

The simulator will have the same exact cockpit, avionics systems and flight behavior, making it an exact replica of the Twin Otter Series 400. These simulators will allow instructors to create training events from any GPS location or airport. This feature will allow customers to operate from virtually any where at any time, and allows for special operations unique to the Series 400 Twin Otter. The digital stimulation will also allow for instructors to replicate emergency scenarios that are approved by the aircraft manufacturer. This will allow for training piolets to get ‘real’ practice. The simulator will also allow for practice in take-off and landing in various states which include; sea, winds and water conditions.

This leading-edge technology will allow Vikings to better train its customers in diverse situations. The training will allow for piolets to follow better safety procedures, proficiency in emergency situations and expertise in take off and landing.

Viking is the aviation manufacturer or the series 400 Twin Otter, one of the worlds best selling turbo-prop aircrafts.

The 400 Twin Otter aircraft has been sold to 26 countries worldwide, which will all have new and improved safety training. This is a big step in the right direction for Viking Inc, as this collaboration will overall improve their brand, and their aircrafts. Viking believes that this simulator will highly improve the lives of their customers, and the safety of passengers.

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5000 Marks a Significant Mile Stone for Bells

Mirabel, QC Canada is home to the Bell Helicopter Textron facility that has completed a significant mark as a entire facility. The Mirabel location has completed its 5000 aircraft with the hard and efficient work of its employees. As Bell continues to increase its order log it requires from many of its locations to complete these orders in a timely fashion and is no easy task. Building up to the completion of the 5000th aircraft, Bell was presented with an order from a Chinese company known as Shaanxi Helicopter Co Ltd. (SHC). The order was detailed with the completion of 100 of Bells 407GXPs type aircrafts.

The Mirabel location has been in business since the year 1986 and has become a key component to Bells production line. It is now in charge of delivering and assembling the models such as Ranger X, 429, 412EPI, 407GXP and the Bell 505.

The 407GXP has been a modification air craft to Bells 407 model. The most innovative engine created by Rolls Royce known as the M250 has been added to the 407 GPX creating a more fuel efficient and enhanced performance experience. Along with the added engine the 407 GXP has also enhanced its transmission TBO extension of +500 hours. The extension of the TBO creates reduced maintance cost as an overall. With the improved aircraft attributes, it is allowed a 50 lbs. increased payload for the 407 GXP model.

The newer type of 407GXP has been chosen for a prime mission for due to its cabin style that is able to perform a different variety of operations. The 407 model is not as agile and mobile as the newer model so tends to stick to missions such as Energy space and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

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Dassault Aviation is using Pratt & Whitney Canada’s (P&WC) PurePower PW800 engine to power their new Falcon Business Jet. After experiencing delays on the Falcon 5X project due to problems with the Snecma Silvercrest engine, Dassault canceled the project last month and launched a new Falcon model with the same fuselage cross section and P&WC engines instead.

Dassault CEO and chairman Eric Trappier already announced earlier in 2017 that the company planned to launch another Falcon business jet after the 5X. The new PW800 powered business jet is set to enter into service in 2022. This Falcon business jet is designed to meet customer demands for a long range aircraft with a very large cabin.

The PurePower PW800 already powers Gulfstream business jets and was designed specifically with regional and business jets in mind. The advanced common core technology, employed in 15 different PurePower engine applications, has amassed more than 400,000 in-service hours. The PurePower PW800 engine incorporates the latest generation of technologies in every aspect; delivering double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency, setting a new "green" engine standard for emissions with the advanced TALON™ X combustor, and its low-noise design and low vibration levels will result in an exceptionally quiet cabin, enabling a more comfortable passenger experience.The Development for PW800 began in year 1999.

Founded in 1929, Dassault Aviation SA is an international French aircraft manufacturer of regional and military business jets, a subsidiary of Dassault Group of aviation.

P&WC is a Canada-based aircraft engine manufacturer division of Pratt & Whitney that is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and was founded in 1928.

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Hospital Wing aircraft

Airbus begins implementing their new models on a nonprofit air medical transportation service company found in Memphis, Tennessee. Hospital Wing, the nonprofit, begun to receive Airbus’ new model aircrafts the H130. Previously the Wings fleet consist of older models such as three EC130B4 and three H125 aircrafts.

Both Entities ultimate goals are to replenish Hospital Wings entire fleet with the H130 aircraft. The reason behind the newest planned integration is to enhance passenger safety and for a much better helicopter experience.

The H130 helicopter has been opted with enhanced safety features and newly expanded cabin for maximum space. One strong deciding factor for Hospital Wing decision of the implementation of the H130 is its strong record of accomplishment with other businesses and missions in previous years.

The Helicopter has proven its self to more agile and more efficient to perform the tasks required by the nonprofit. The tasks that the Hospital Wing specializes is transporting patients from facility to facility.

The Hospital Wing has reported to transport over 250 monthly patients within a 250- mile radius of Memphis. The radius expands to other neighboring cities such as Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and some parts of Arkansas.

Nine of the helicopters in their fleet are used around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The nonprofits travel with many sorts of patience’s but have specialized in transporting trauma patients.

With the new innovative fleet coming it excites Airbus as the relationship with Hospital Wing grows day to day to better provide their patients with the best resources in the industry. As stated by Vice Pres. Of Sales & Marketing for Airbus mentions,

We’re proud to support Hospital Wing as it continues to transition its fleet to the H130. The H130 is an economical, high-performance helicopter that allows medical operators to provide the highest quality care to critically ill and injured patients,

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DART Aerospace

Bell helicopter has benefitted from the type of products that DART Aerospace has been able to supply. Throughout the years DART has provided premium support components for construction and maintance of BELL helicopters. Dart has been able to provide Bell with optimum parts that benefit in the long run that keeps maintance cost down and their helicopters stay flying in the air.

For more over 25 years Dart has been able to maintain and keep up to pare up on 412 platforms worldwide. Specializing in procuring accessories, custom created solutions and its well-known premium landing gear.

As Dart continues to provide Bell with optimal services and products their latest addition to their collection of support helicopters. Bell has recently added yet another helicopter for the support of DART products. Bell has examined and tested the capability of DARTs landing gear to finally approve to be placed on Belles 412EPI. It was specifically tested for its new increased gross weight(IGW) limit to landing weight of 11,900LB through 12,200.

With the approval of the increased gross weight supply they are on to bigger and better aircrafts and components. Dart has already mentioned its future plans with the addition of the 412 Tri Bag Emergency Float System within the upcoming dates. Other components that DART is able to provide would include exterior accessories, cargo expansion, external loads, cable cutters, filters and other premium products.

DART continues to provide the helicopter industry with top of the line products and components. With over 5,000 products in stock and a total of 700 STC’s being created they have been able to reign supreme on a higher level. Dart has been able to provide its premium products to entities such as accessories, spare parts, civil and military operators, MR&Os and much more.

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Aircraft Polishing

Owners and Maintance personnel of aircrafts can attest that keeping aircrafts looking in top shape can get costly and require a lot of time. Using premium products benefit the aircraft from piled up dirt and other unwanted accumulated particles. As many airlines want to promote their names to increase their customers they rely on the impeccable look for their aircrafts.There is various step to cleaning your aircrafts the precise and efficient way. Flitz polish is very commonly used product that has been in the industry for more than 30 years. It is an all-around product that can be applied to various surfaces and materials for optimal looks. Surfaces that show maximum performance are brass, copper, silver plate, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, aluminum to name a few. The Flitz polish comes in a liquid and paste option that can be applied on with a basic dry microfiber towel.

Micro Surface Leading Edge Polishing Kit

The Micro Surface Leading Edge Polish is meant to cut down the time and is meant for optimal presicion on hard to reach areas that can often be time consuming. Consisting of aluminum cutting fluid , loop discs, a soft interface pad , two flannel cloths, a back foam polishing pad, a lambs wool polishing pad , and instructions. Recommended to be able non painted , aluminum parts.


Wash ALL can be used as an all surface cleaner and it is strong enough to be presentable on its own . Although the wash can be used on its own further cleaning such as water marks require additional products such as the Water Spot Remover also offered by Aero Cosmetics.

For the finishing touches the polish ALL can be applied to dry and dirt-free areas. Instructions how to apply are included but mostly consist of a circular rotation.

LP Aero Plastics (Acrylic Polish & Sealant)

After one use of the Acrylic Polish & Sealant there will be a nice think layer polish that sticks to the aircraft making it worthwhile. LP Aero Plastics advises to beware of using products that maybe often used to clean similar surfaces as they may flammable or unsafe.

AVL Clear View Plastic Polish

This product Is highly recommended when It comes to cleaning thick plastics or plastics in general. Plastics often times is one of the factors that determine the appearance since there is not to many plastic products on the market.

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Pilot training to the next level

The job of a pilot is prestigious but risky and difficult, on average pilots spend about 70 to 100 hours a month in the air. Therefore, piloting requires high attention to detail, patience as well as hard and intensive training. The F-35 Full Mission Simulator (FMS) is the next-generation U.S. fighter aircraft pilot training.

In all of the simulators, F-35 software is used to give students the most realistic experience possible while accelerating the process for software upgrades as the F-35 continues to develop and mature.

The FMS includes a high-fidelity 360-degree visual display system and is the highest fidelity trainer in the F-35 pilot-training-device suite, accurately replicating all F-35 sensors and weapons deployment. Moreover, the pilot will experience the standard takeoff and landing, together with short takeover and vertical landing. The two main components in the FMS are the RGB Spectrum DGy JPEG 2000 recording and streaming codec and the Multicast Video Server (MVS) multi-channel storage and recording management system.

Revolutionary situational awareness is provided by the advance technology of the F-35’s Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS). Day or night, the pilot is able to experience extreme spatial orientation, tactical superiority and superior weapons targeting. Six infrared cameras arranged around the aircraft allows the pilots to “look through” the airplane in real-time imagery. On the other hand, on the helmet’s visor is projected all the necessary data pilots need to complete their mission: altitude, heading, airspeed and warnings.

Since its founding in 1987, RGB Spectrum has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video/graphics processors and decision support systems.

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Philippine Airlines

During the 2017 Paris Airshow the renown Philippines Airlines announced of their planned expansion curtesy of Bombardier within the next couple of years. The agreement was based on a set of 7 new Q400 bombardier aircrafts.  Only to be an addition to Philippines airways previous order of 5 Q400 that is dated back to December of 2016.

Both parties will benefit tremendously from the completion of this agreement. Bombardier appreciates the airlines business and is very pleased with the continuing relationship that they have carried out. Per a statement of Bombardiers Commercial Aircrafts President, Fred Comer,” The Q400 aircraft have helped airlines around the world expand their networks, and capture new opportunities.” Continuing his statement with,” We are delighted that Philippine Airlines is growing its fleet with more Q400 aircraft, and are confident that the airline will benefit from the aircraft’s outstanding economics and performance.”

The recent order of more Q400 models is part of the Filipino Airline strategy to expand their company and totals an order of 12 Q400s. This purchase is estimated to cost up to 235 million US dollars for the renowned airline.

The beginning of the shipment is said to begin in the month of July 2017.  With the completion of the order beginning deliveres to the Filipino Airline it would increase the total of Bombardiers Q400 to a total of 585 on order.

Philippines Airlines is eager with the addition of the new aircrafts. As President & Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Jaime J Batista stated,” We are thrilled about the opportunities that lie ahead, and we look forward to offering more capacity and improving connectivity in the region with comfortable, fast and efficient regional aircraft like Bombardiers 86 seat turboprops.”

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