Boeing and Singapore Airlines are have outlined an agreement for a new renovation to the Singapore airline aircrafts. A total of 30 aircrafts have been proposed to be able to replace the existing fleet consisting of different types of Boeing aircraft parts and models such as the (20) 777-9 and the (19) 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft. Also including six different types of aircraft model options that Boeing can provide which will increase the number of total aircrafts provided if agreed upon. The intended agreement also consists of being able to swap out the 787-10 aircrafts for different types of models of the 787 group. The entire transaction is estimated to cost and approximated 13.8 billion US dollars. Read more >>

Posted on April 7, 2017 Anthony Cordle Manufacturers News

GE Aviation recently announced the delivery of the new flight management software Update 13 (U13) for the Boeing Aircraft 737 MAX. The new software will be standard fit for all 737 MAX production airplanes. GE Aviation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified flight management system (FMS) software U13. This aviation software will be a best fit for all the 737 kind of aircraft which are having starting with 737 entry into service in 2017. Read more >>

Posted on April 3, 2017 Anthony Cordle Manufacturers News

Jet aircrafts are some of the most popular airplanes that exist today, they are considered compact but yet spacious, reliable, easy to handle and fuel efficient. Jet airplanes are very popular among many companies that like to use smaller size airplanes compared to the big commercial airplanes. Also lots of business people, celebrities and politicians enjoy the perks of having compact jet planes because they can be as small as private jets and can be as big as full size airplanes carrying over 100 passengers. Gulfstream which is a division of General Dynamics and specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing airplanes, Business-jet Aircrafts. Gulfstream – A leading aircraft manufacturer since 1958 and they have served more than 2000 planes to customers around the world. Some of the planes that you might of heard of are G500, G600, G650 and the G650ER. Read more >>

Posted on March 16, 2017 Anthony Cordle Manufacturers News

Lockheed Martin is a proud manufacturer and producer of aircrafts for the US Air Force and the government in general. This year Lockheed Martin is happy to announce that they are able to beat their schedule of the LM-100J which is going to be a commercial freighter very handy for transporting heavy items to sensitive locations such as war zone locations, and even used in search and rescue missions.  The LM-100J is going to be a much newer model of the old version of the L-100s which were delivered back in the 1960s and until 25 years ago. Having said that, the LM-100J is going to have a different cockpit with two-person accessibility to fly the plane. Also, the new LM 100J which resembles that of a fighter aircraft which means it’s going to have a military component manufacturer. Currently the aircraft is being assembled off the assembly line in Marietta, Georgia and they will have their first plane ready for takeoff for the first flight in the spring. Read more >>

Posted on February 24, 2017 Anthony Cordle Manufacturers News

GE is an American Giant in the industrial world and specializes in so many avenues. It has more divisions than you can imagine, from cooling and heating, to renewable energy, healthcare and bio-medical equipment, Oil and Gas, transportation, Aviation and much more. Having said that, GE has decided to re-model or modernize one of their aircraft parts plant which is located in Canada. This is going to be a great opportunity for GE in terms of moving forward into the future and getting current with technology and manufacturing. GE is going to spend around $230 million on this project and it’s going to be in the Bromont facility in Canada. This facility specializes in manufacturing aircraft engine parts including and compressor components. This is also going to be a great opportunity for people who are looking to work in manufacturing setting for GE because GE is going to be hiring more new employees to join the original team working there. Read more >>

Posted on February 22, 2017 Anthony Cordle Manufacturers News

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