How to Safely Operate Rotary-Wing Aircraft

Posted on April 4, 2023 Anthony Cordle How to Safely Operate Rotary-Wing Aircraft

Rotary-wing aircraft are powerful machines that allow us to reach places that are inaccessible by fixed-wing aircraft or on foot. However, they can also be dangerous if not operated with caution. For this reason, we will outline why it is essential to understand the safety considerations associated with operating rotary-wing aircraft such as helicopters.

Pre-flight Safety Checks

Before flying a helicopter, it is crucial to perform pre-flight safety checks, those of which involve inspecting the aircraft and ensuring that all the systems are functioning correctly. More specifically, pilots need to check the fuel level, oil pressure, rotor blades, landing gear, and communication systems. By assessing these systems, pilots can identify any potential safety hazards and ensure that the helicopter is safe to fly.

In-flight Safety Considerations

Once in the air, maintaining proper altitude, speed, and orientation are critical to ensuring the safety of the helicopter and its passengers. Apart from this, helicopter pilots also need to be aware of potential in-flight safety hazards, such as turbulence, weather conditions, and equipment malfunctions. As such, pilots must remain vigilant and have a plan to respond to these hazards if they occur.

Emergency Procedures

Having emergency procedures in place is vital to safe helicopter operations. That being said, pilots must be aware of the different types of emergencies that can arise like engine failure or loss of control, and they must be prepared to respond quickly and decisively. For example, if the engine fails, the pilot must quickly maneuver the helicopter to a safe landing spot, either on the ground or in water.

Training and Certification Requirements

Helicopter pilots need to undergo rigorous training and certification assessments to ensure that they can operate the aircraft safely. Generally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets the requirements for helicopter pilot training, which includes ground school, flight training, and practical exams. Additionally, pilots must stay up-to-date with the latest safety regulations and technology through continual education.


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