Saab's Next-Gen Gripen Fighter Jets Ready in May

Tenga Company released an article through its Defense News website by Andrew Chuter on February 18, 2016 talking about the next generation Gripen E combat jet by Saab. This Gripen E Combat jet will be ready in May at the Linkopping assembly site in Sweden. The company announced this news during the Singapore Airshow with a brief talk with reporters.

The most specific date for the next gen Gripen fighter jet to roll out is May 18, 2016. There are three aircrafts that are going through a test phase for the E/F variant of the Gripen Combat. These three aircrafts have been purchased by Brazilian Air forces as well as Swedish air forces.

There has been no set time that I agreed upon for the first flight on the jet. This first flight incorporates the advancements over earlier versions of the C/D. The most prominent addition to the change is the active electronically scanned radar. Saab officials are planning to add the Slovakia to the lists of Gripen export fighter customers after next month due to the general election.On February 18th 2016, Richard Smith, head of Gripen Sales mentions that the Slovakians are in a negotiation with Saab in order to acquire 8 of the new C/D variant aircraft. “Negotiations are ongoing as they head into an election and most likely the contract will be signed after the election is over” said Richard Smith. Smith believes that Saab will have over 300 Gripen sales over the coming years.

It can be noted that the Czech and Hungarian air forces already operate the C/D version. However, this operation of aircrafts is under a lease arrangement. Saab Group was founded in 1945 which headquarters in Trollhättan, Sweden. Saab is owned by General Motor during the 1990-2010, Spyker N.V. 2010-2012 and Nevs 2012-2014.

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October 12, 2022