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FSG 20 ship and marine equipment

Here at ASAP Aviation Procurement for management purposes, each Federal Supply Code is used to distinguish a group of products into logical families. The Federal Supply Group 20 is comprised of a broad range of ship and marine equipment.

Within this Group 20, we are capable of providing a comprehensive selection of Federal Supply Codes, such as:

  • FSC 2010 – Ship and Boat Propulsion Components
    Marine propulsion is achieved through a variety of power systems. Thrust can be achieved via steam engines, diesel engines, Stirling engines, gas turbine engines, and nuclear reactors.

  • FSC 2020 – Rigging and Rigging Gear
    Marine rigging gear includes cleats, furlers, rope clutches, winches, turnbuckles, shackles, and fairleads.

  • FSC 2030   Deck Machinery
    Deck machinery is responsible with controlling a ship’s moorings as it moves from port to port. Modularly designed, deck machinery can be tailored to a variety of vessels’ needs.

  • FSC 2040  Marine Hardware and Hull Items
    Marine hardware and hull items include grapnels, anchors, fenders, scuttles, manholes, ventilators, and hatches.

  • FSC 2050  Buoys
    A buoy is a flotation device used for a variety of missions. Free drifting or anchored, buoys can be used for anti-submarine warfare, communication purposes, surface markers, weather tracking, and navigational purposes.

  • FSC 2060 – Commercial Fishing Equipment
    Commercial fishing equipment includes harpoons, bottom fishing reels, longline reels, trap haulers, lead sinkers, trap floats, and net floats.

  • FSC 2090 - Miscellaneous Ship and Marine Equipment

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