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Aircraft lubrication parts such as Exxon Mobil Mobiltac 375NC Gear Oil Black, 12 oz aerosol can, LPS® ChainMate Chain & Wire Rope Moly Lubricant, 11 oz aerosol can, PETROLEUM OIL, LPS® PreSolve® Orange Degreaser, 20 oz trigger bottle, GREASE: 1LB are an important purchase for every aviator. At ASAP Aviation Procurement, we have the parts to fulfill your need. Our partnership with ASAP Semiconductor has granted us access to an inventory in excess of six billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace and civil aviation industries.

Whether you need parts including 375NC12 SD, 02416 73 Mfr. 02416, TURB0NYC0IL280PQT 4S, 01422 73 Mfr. 01422, BRAYC0TE804 71 Mfr. 15B30B or any other aircraft lubrication equipment, ASAP Aviation Procurement is your one-stop-shop. As the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing Policy, we can guarantee that each part we ship comes from a legitimate aircraft manufacturer such as Dilmar Oil Company, LPS Laboratories, Nyco America, Castrol Industrial, Hangsterfer's Laboratories. To begin the purchasing process today, submit an RFQ below.

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
375NC12 SD dilmar oil company exxon mobil mobiltac 375nc gear oil black, 12 oz aerosol can Avl RFQ
02416 73 Mfr. 02416 lps laboratories lps® chainmate chain & wire rope moly lubricant, 11 oz aerosol can Avl RFQ
TURB0NYC0IL280PQT 4S nyco america petroleum oil Avl RFQ
01422 73 Mfr. 01422 lps laboratories lps® presolve® orange degreaser, 20 oz trigger bottle Avl RFQ
BRAYC0TE804 71 Mfr. 15B30B castrol industrial grease: 1lb Avl RFQ
S500CF275T 33 hangsterfer's laboratories coolant: emulsfiable,275gl tote, s-500 cf Avl RFQ
AVLTKS 3Z Mfr. AVL-TKS2.5-CS aviation laboratories fluid: tks anti-icing,2.5gl Avl RFQ
62005 73 Mfr. 62005 lps laboratories solvent: 5gl, discontined, high perf solvent discontinued Avl RFQ
LC300QT 33 sandstrom products co solid film lubricant Avl RFQ
TN640208L 4S nyco america oil: synthetic,turbine,208l dr, turbonycoil 640 Avl RFQ
1167237 6P Mfr. 1167237 henkel loctite henkel loctite® anti-seize lubricant 51168 white, 8 oz brush-top can Avl RFQ
ALHPHRE6C 3Z aviation laboratories tks hand pump Avl RFQ
14-37LB SD Mfr. 550016311 aeroshell aeroshell multipurpose helicopter grease 14, 37.5 lb Avl RFQ
TURB0NYC0IL600 4S Mfr. TN600-24 nyco america oil: turbine engine,qt, milprf23699f Avl RFQ
GN15-21 4S nyco america nyco gn 15 mineral aircraft grease, 400 g cartridge Avl RFQ
DCM77-350ZM 02 dow corning lubricant: paste,35oz,assembly, molykote 77 Avl RFQ
25016AESY 71 Mfr. 25016-AESY castrol industrial grease: perfluorinated,2oz, braycote 631 rp Avl RFQ
70455 73 lps laboratories hi-load 55 gal. drum Avl RFQ
51270 6P Mfr. 51270 henkel loctite anti-seize: high purity,cu,1lb Avl RFQ
240AB80Z C1 usm airframe dupont™ krytox® 240ab grease white, 8 oz tube Avl RFQ
ML5EHP 33 hangsterfer's laboratories coolant: emulsifiable,5gl pa, missile lube 5 eh Avl RFQ
889-55GL 2U Mfr. 4056373 lanxess oil: compressor,55gl, royco 889 Avl RFQ
M77-80Z 02 Mfr. M77 hisco, inc. lubricant: paste,8oz Avl RFQ
25087BECS 71 castrol industrial grease: synthetic,14.1oz,10cs, aeroplex 444,grade 2 Avl RFQ
710XX301 33 Mfr. 710XX301 hylomar ltd. sealant: solvent free,3.5oz, hylomar Avl RFQ
T8EPASTE 33 Mfr. T8E PASTE JAR chemicals - misc paste: lubricant,dry film Avl RFQ
GLYPTAL1202QT 02 hisco, inc. varnish: clr,qt Avl RFQ
05316 73 Mfr. 05316 lps laboratories lps® tapmatic® tricut® cutting fluid, 16 fl oz bottle Avl RFQ
10270 33 lubriplate lubricants co ss renewal Avl RFQ
16617 TW rocol, div. of itw oil: weapon,sm calibre,ox-24,20l Avl RFQ
NP05-24 4S Mfr. NP05-24 nyco america nycoprotec 05-24 mineral corrosion preventive oil, 1 qt Avl RFQ
28CTG 2U lanxess grease: multipurpose,14.1oz Avl RFQ
308CA5GL 2U Mfr. 4055932 lanxess oil: lubrication,general,5gl, royco 308 ca,mil-prf32033 Avl RFQ
NYC065-24 4S Mfr. NYCO65-24 nyco america nyco 65 vaseline, 1 qt Avl RFQ
NYC0GREASEGN148CQ 4S nyco america 400g airframe grease Avl RFQ
80WPLUSQT SD Mfr. 550041161 aeroshell aeroshell 550041161 piston engine oil w80 plus, 1 qt Avl RFQ
4UK07 33 Mfr. 46350A chemicals - misc anti-seize technology™ poly-temp® gas line sealant tape 46350a yellow Avl RFQ
15W50-55GL SD Mfr. 550041184 aeroshell aeroshell 550041184 piston engine oil w 15 w 50, 55 gal Avl RFQ
16403 TW Mfr. 16403 rocol, div. of itw rocol® 797 anti-seize paste 16403 black, 500 g Avl RFQ
GN144-21 4S Mfr. GN144-21 nyco america nyco gn 144-21 special aircraft synthetic grease, 400 g cartridge Avl RFQ
HYDRAUNYC0ILFH3 4S nyco america 55gl fluid milprf46170d Avl RFQ
130A160Z 33 Mfr. 130-A 12/16 OZ lubriplate lubricants co lubricant: 16oz tub Avl RFQ
EV811GL 33 Mfr. PEV811GL everlube products division mil-prf-81329 everlube 811 Avl RFQ
51011 6P Mfr. 51011 henkel loctite henkel loctite® lb 8008™ c5-a™ anti-seize lubricant 51011 copper, 42 lb pail Avl RFQ
008022 CD Mfr. 008022 andpak inc grease: synthetic,14oz shc100, only soh available Avl RFQ
SATAP275T 33 hangsterfer's laboratories compound: tapping,275gl tote, super all tap,metalforming Avl RFQ
22-37-5LB SD Mfr. 550043616 aeroshell aeroshell 550043616 multipurpose grease 22 550043631, 37.5 lb pail Avl RFQ
TN600-24 4S nyco america oil: synthetic,turbine,1qt, turbonycoil 600 Avl RFQ
490057-20Z CD packaging systems inc. lubricant: oil,with preval Avl RFQ
PERMASLIKGQT 33 Mfr. PPSGQT everlube products division lubricant pn ppsgqt Avl RFQ
DCM77-350Z 02 Mfr. 1906364 ddp specialty electronic material lubricant: paste,946g, molykote 77 Avl RFQ
GN22-21 4S Mfr. G-395 nyco america nyco gn 22-21 general purpose aircraft grease, 400 g cartridge Avl RFQ
33-37-5LB SD Mfr. 550043623 aeroshell aeroshell 550043623universal airframe grease 33, 37.5 lb Avl RFQ
70090-04 33 Mfr. A-BOE70090-04 orelube corporation lubricant: metal working,clr,gl, boelube 90 Avl RFQ
00222 73 Mfr. 222 lps laboratories lps 2® heavy duty lubricant, 20 oz bottle Avl RFQ
LU204 33 chemicals - misc lubricant: dry,film,graphite,10oz Avl RFQ
NL11B1L 4S Mfr. NL11B-1L nyco america nycolube 11b, 1 l Avl RFQ
TURB0NYC0IL600-55GL 4S nyco america 5cst, milprf23699f Avl RFQ
16166 TW rocol, div. of itw grease: mht,dtd 900/4990,5kg Avl RFQ
PG100-55GL 3Z Mfr. SAFETEMP1 PG100 aviation laboratories fluid: deicing,sae type1 Avl RFQ
20027-120Z 33 Mfr. TF200271 the sherwin williams co lubricant: tf200271,12oz,aerosol, tri-flow Avl RFQ
51147 6P Mfr. 51147 henkel loctite henkel loctite® lb 8008™ c5-a™ anti-seize 234263 copper, 8 oz brush top can Avl RFQ
25QT BP eastman turbine oil - formerly bp eastman™ turbo oil 25, 1 qt Avl RFQ
5-37-5LB SD Mfr. 550043617 aeroshell aeroshell 550043617 wheel bearing and engine accessory grease 5, 37.5 lb Avl RFQ
AER0KR0IL100Z 33 Mfr. 12AP kano laboratories kano labs aerokroil penetrating oil slightly reddish, 10 oz aerosol can Avl RFQ
AD80QT BP eastman turbine oil - formerly bp castrol aviator ad80 Avl RFQ
02516 73 Mfr. 2516 lps laboratories lps® force 842® dry moly lubricant, 11 oz aerosol can Avl RFQ
ALBCKIT 3Z Mfr. AL-BC aviation laboratories kit: fuel system test,sngl Avl RFQ
02908 73 Mfr. 02908 lps laboratories lps® anti-seize lubricant 02908 copper bronze, 1/2 lb bottle Avl RFQ
51152 6P henkel loctite anti-seize: food grade,8lb, loctite Avl RFQ

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