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At ASAP Aviation Procurement, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, peruse our federal supply groups and codes lookup to find popular NSN parts under FSG 15 Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components, FSG 16 Aircraft Components and Accessories, FSG 20 Ship and Marine Equipment, FSG 25 Vehicular Equipment Components, FSG 26 Tires and Tubes and more. Quality is paramount to ASAP, and we only source from established, trusted aircraft manufacturers. We also uphold a strict no China sourcing pledge to ensure the quality and high grade of our stock.

Together with our adherence to quality, and our utmost dedication to our customers’ satisfaction, we have earned the right to be an FAA AC 0056B accredited and  AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified enterprise. The parts procurement process may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Let ASAP Aviation procurement be your sourcing solution today and get started with a competitive quote by submitting an RFQ.

FSG 31 Bearings No. Of Parts
FSC 3110 Bearings Antifriction Unmounted 208169
FSC 3120 Bearings Plain Unmounted 188250
FSC 3130 Bearings Mounted 14348
FSG 34 Metalworking Machinery No. Of Parts
FSC 3405 Saws and Filing Machines 127
FSC 3408 Machining Centers and Way Type Machines 11
FSC 3410 Electrical and Ultrasonic Erosion Machines 1
FSC 3411 Boring Machines 10
FSC 3413 Drilling and Tapping Machines 173
FSC 3414 Gear Cutting and Finishing Machines 0
FSC 3415 Grinding Machines 265
FSC 3416 Lathes 127
FSC 3417 Milling Machines 60
FSC 3418 Planers and Shapers 3
FSC 3419 Miscellaneous Machine Tools 91
FSC 3422 Rolling Mills and Drawing Machines 5
FSC 3424 Metal Heat Treating and Non-Thermal Treating Equipment 60
FSC 3426 Metal Finishing Equipment 66
FSC 3431 Electric Arc Welding Equipment 1025
FSC 3432 Electric Resistance Welding Equipment 62
FSC 3433 Gas Welding Heat Cutting and Metalizing Equipment 818
FSC 3436 Welding Positioners and Manipulators 35
FSC 3438 Miscellaneous Welding Equipment 34
FSC 3439 Miscellaneous Welding Soldering and Brazing Supplies and Accessories 3439
FSC 3441 Bending and Forming Machines 180
FSC 3442 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses Power Driven 43
FSC 3443 Mechanical Presses Power Driven 14
FSC 3444 Manual Presses 51
FSC 3445 Punching and Shearing Machines 58
FSC 3446 Forging Machine and Hammers 15
FSC 3447 Wire and Metal Ribbon Forming Machines 1
FSC 3448 Riveting Machines 36
FSC 3449 Miscellaneous Secondary Metal Forming and Cutting Machines 20
FSC 3450 Machine Tools Portable 80
FSC 3455 Cutting Tools for Machine Tools 7314
FSC 3456 Cutting and Forming Tools for Secondary Metalworking Machinery 134
FSC 3460 Machine Tool Accessories 1678
FSC 3461 Accessories for Secondary Metalworking Machinery 2
FSC 3465 Production Jigs Fixtures and Template 612
FSC 3470 Machine Shop Sets Kits and Outfits 9
FSG 48 Valves No. Of Parts
FSC 4810 Valves Powered 60233
FSC 4820 Valves Nonpowered 327326
FSG 53 Hardware and Abrasives No. Of Parts
FSC 5305 Screws 367760
FSC 5306 Bolts 180318
FSC 5307 Studs 41055
FSC 5310 Nuts and Washers 358359
FSC 5315 Nails Machine Keys and Pins 159989
FSC 5320 Rivets 213518
FSC 5325 Fastening Devices 113164
FSC 5330 Packing and Gasket Materials 450193
FSC 5331 O Rings 140147
FSC 5335 Metal Screening 959
FSC 5340 Hardware Commercial 371679
FSC 5342 Hardware Weapon Systems 62177
FSC 5345 Disks and Stones Abrasive 4263
FSC 5350 Abrasive Materials 2287
FSC 5355 Knobs and Pointers 38272
FSC 5360 Coil Flat Leaf and Wire Springs 158677
FSC 5365 Bushings Rings Shims and Spacers 205890

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