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FSG 59 electrical and electronic equipment components

Federal Supply Group 59 consists of items such as mounting hardware, holders retainers, resistors, capacitors, filters and networks, fuses, arrestors, absorbers, protectors and etc. The Office of the Secretary of Defense developed and adopted the Federal Supply Classification system. The Federal Supply Code consists of the first four digits of an item's National Stock Number. The first two numbers of the Federal Supply Code represent what group the item corresponds to. The following two numbers after the group represent the class each item corresponds to. Items are categorized in their classes and groups according to their physical or performance characteristics. Federal Supply Group 59 has the following segments:

An example of an item that is under Federal Supply Group is a plate, mounting that is a metallic or nonmetallic item that is rigid, flat and is usually smooth. The use of a mounting plate is to mount another object and for support of an object or surface. Another example of a product that would be under this Federal Supply Group is a resistor assortment that is two or more of the same or different types of resistors of different known values that are grouped together in a single package according to the Defense Logistics Agency. At ASAP Aviation Procurement we understand the importance of knowing which Federal Supply Code's Apply to your products in order to be registered to do business with the government. You are able to find a comprehensive inventory list of National Stock Number parts that fall within the Federal Supply Code of Electronic Equipment Components. You are able to find the products on our proprietary website ASAP Aviation Procurement.


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