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Choose high demanding NSN part numbers ANT-A72GOLA-TW, S31R16RR-P-XTB-1, S53IR16RR-P-M2TB-1, 5B-4.8-5.1V-F-XT-2, 42G15A-XT-3 (Antenna, Antenna Set, Power Supply, Antenna Element, Antenna S C Band) along with their NSN 5985016563590, 5985015713689, 5985015853694, 6130016448310, 5985016214843 from world-class manufacturer Antcom Corporation (CAGE Code 3CVE1). We assure you of quick delivery of your required parts from this manufacturer Antcom Corporation. Get quote 24*7. Our vast inventory has over 2 billion NSN and aircraft parts sourced from over 5000 top manufacturers.

CAGE Code: 3CVE1

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Part Number NSN Item Name RFQ
ANT-A72GOLA-TW 5985-01-656-3590 antenna RFQ
S31R16RR-P-XTB-1 5985-01-571-3689 antenna RFQ
S53IR16RR-P-M2TB-1 5985-01-585-3694 antenna set RFQ
5B-4.8-5.1V-F-XT-2 6130-01-644-8310 power supply RFQ
42G15A-XT-3 5985-01-621-4843 antenna RFQ
8NF-8CG1215P-R-XS-3 5985-01-652-6648 antenna element RFQ
3B-LS-C-KU-BANDVV-XT 5985-01-670-8853 antenna RFQ
3G1215A4L-XNS-2 5985-01-632-5803 antenna RFQ
2BR 14 5 15 35R P XS 5985-01-670-9702 antenna RFQ
3B S C BANDVV XTT 2 1680-01-662-4641 antenna s c band RFQ
5G1616RR-PP-XTT-2 5985-01-649-3362 antenna RFQ
4G15A-XT-3 5985-01-633-4678 antenna RFQ
4G1215A-XNC-3 5985-01-585-7567 antenna RFQ
9X9A-0.7-2.7R-P-XNMT 5985-01-673-1054 antenna RFQ
52-48-5.1V-F-XT-2 6120-01-644-9243 power supply RFQ
2G1215P-XN-4 5985-01-578-0380 antenna RFQ
G5ANT-2AS2-HFO 5985-01-653-2212 antenna RFQ
3G1215A2-MS-3 5985-01-641-7664 base antenna suppor RFQ
9X9A-0.7-2.7L-P-XNMT 5985-01-673-3657 antenna RFQ
4G1215A-XTC-1 5985-01-676-2995 antenna RFQ
9X9A-0.7-2.7L-P-XNMT 5985-01-673-6535 antenna RFQ
3G1215AL-XTB-2 5985-01-677-9722 antenna RFQ
2BR-1.30-16.0V-XS-3- 5985-01-666-6738 antenna RFQ
G5ANT-3AT3 5985-01-682-7481 antenna RFQ
4NC- 3.5CG1215P-XS-4 5985-01-681-6900 antenna RFQ
5B-2.0-2.5-O-XN-2-OC 5985-01-603-2183 antenna RFQ
5G1516RR-PP-XT-X 5985-01-668-8883 antenna RFQ
3GL1RXTXT-AP-XST-4 5985-01-623-3347 antenna RFQ
3G15A XT 1 5985-01-671-4555 antenna RFQ
3G1215A27-MS-3 5985-01-641-7664 base antenna suppor RFQ
4UHF-340-460DL-XN-2 5985-01-592-4347 antenna RFQ
5W-0.85-1.9P-XTM-4-S 5985-01-623-2451 antenna RFQ
3G1215A-XN-4 5985-01-589-9305 antenna RFQ
3G1215A-XT-3 5985-01-685-1608 antenna RFQ
ANT-A72GLA4-TW-N 5985-01-656-3588 antenna RFQ
52W-0.32-0.40P-XTB-4 5985-01-611-8486 antenna RFQ
3G0XX16A4-XTR-1-3 5985-01-652-4854 antenna RFQ
2G1215A-XS-2 5985-01-573-8922 antenna RFQ
3B-L-SBANDVV-XTT-1 5985-01-664-4711 antenna RFQ
5W-0.35-0.40P-XTB-4 5985-01-623-2454 antenna RFQ
2GTXIMAMP33-XT-2 5985-01-608-3454 antenna RFQ
3G15P1001-2-2G 5330-01-672-9825 gasket RFQ
5B-300-2300-XN-4 5985-01-615-7265 antenna RFQ
1 5G15A XT 3 5985-01-671-1797 antenna RFQ
3G15P1001-70 5310-01-587-0786 washer recessed RFQ
42G0XX16A4-XT-1-1 5985-01-660-6276 antenna RFQ
4CF-5SG1215P-XS-4 5985-01-652-5503 antenna RFQ
42G1215A-XT-1 5985-01-608-4976 antenna RFQ
S5GIR1216-RR-AP-XST- 5985-01-633-4677 antenna RFQ
2G1215AMP12-XT-2 5996-01-647-1714 amplifier radio frequency RFQ
S63IR16RR-P-XTB-2 5985-01-619-2996 antenna RFQ
G5ANT-743AT1-A2 5985-01-680-9712 antenna RFQ
97384ASSY40297-90012 5985-01-585-1425 antenna RFQ
3G1215A-XN-2 5985-01-589-9302 antenna RFQ
3G15A-XS-4 5985-01-590-8415 antenna RFQ
S2IR16RR-P-196GT 5985-01-652-6773 antenna RFQ
3G15P1001-6 5310-01-565-1153 washer recessed RFQ
3G1215A-NS-2 5985-01-628-8616 antenna RFQ
2G15A-XMT-3 5985-01-641-9168 antenna RFQ
S5GIR1516RR-AP-MSS-3 5985-01-620-1390 antenna RFQ
4G1215A-XT-1 5985-01-586-1909 antenna RFQ
4G15A-XT-1 5985-01-633-4678 antenna RFQ
S5BIR16RR-P-XT-1 5985-01-588-9248 antenna RFQ
0.5R15P-XTM-4-SL 5985-01-623-2453 antenna RFQ
3G01216A-XTR-1 5985-01-629-2999 antenna RFQ
11IR16RR-P-XT-4 5985-01-574-9599 antenna RFQ
9BR-S-C-KURRR-XSSS-X 5985-01-655-0247 antenna RFQ
3G1215A-MTR-5 5985-01-671-1925 antenna RFQ
S5GIR1216RR-AP-XST-3 5985-01-660-6324 antenna RFQ
3G15A-XT-1-NC 5985-01-623-7650 antenna RFQ

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