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Posted on May 2, 2018 Anthony Cordle Actuators for Planes

When looking into actuators for aircrafts there are three options to choose from and finding the one that works best for your aircraft is what is most important. There are a few types of actuators to choose from when looking to replace or upgrade your current actuator.

An actuator is a device that can manipulate energy in order to convert it into a force that can perform its duties accordingly. An actuator typically has a few pistons and a couple seals all tucked away inside a discreet housing system. Each component plays a key role in maintaining a fluid and cohesive unit. When looking into cylinders that can actuate there will be two main kinds, the double action and the smaller single action, that can push energy around in only one direction.

Linear Actuator

A linear actuator, takes fluid that is entered on the left side and pushes it all the way through to the right. This is the only direction this type of actuator can move in. As fluid is pushed out, air is subsequently pushed in, which builds up the pressure, causing the mechanism to work properly. A double action can perform all of the same functions but can operate in more than just the simple left to right motion and can instead move in four directions.

Rotary Actuator

Rotary’s are generally smaller and more compact. This means they are able to perform their duties in smaller spaces. With so many options it is easy to find an actuator who’s form and function meet the desired requirements of your project .

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