Aircraft Antennas - Everything you Should Know

Is your plane radio on the fritz? Have you already sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into your radio system to make sure everything is working out right, and still had problems spring up? It could possibly be that you’re absentmindedly over looking a key component of the radio, your trusty antenna.

You would be surprised at how many issues can be chalked up to the aircraft antenna being faulty. Anything from hearing constant static to jumpy signals, a long list of common problems can be tied back to the antenna.

Because the antenna is on the outside it is subject to anything that mother nature can throw at it. Antennas go through storms, heavy wind, searing heat and even get hit with bugs here and there. If they are not mounted correctly they can be subject to jostling which can cause chipped and destruction. A common mistake that is made when applying the antenna to the plane is not cleaning the surface where the antenna will be attached thoroughly. The surface must be free of any dirt, dust, debris or any additives, such as paint or sealant. Matching frequency lengths up is also an important step in ensuring that everything is working properly.

If you decide that your antenna does need to be replaced there are a few different types on the market. Communication antennas are basic, long and can be positioned in multiple places. Navigation antennas come in three models, each being responsible for different things. Lastly, there is the marker beacon antenna which can only be fitted to the underside of a plane and sits parallel to the planes underside.

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October 12, 2022