Interesting Facts About Cargo Charter Aircrafts

With a wide variety of different cargo aircraft options, it may be difficult to choose an aircraft to meet an individual’s needs and requirements. Understanding which aircraft holds the best payload capacities, special loading construction benefits, largest wingspan, best ranges, and more are interesting facts about cargo aircraft that may aid individuals in choosing the best option.

The Antonov 26 is flexible and is regarded as an “all-purpose” charter. It was originally a military aircraft that was manufactured between 1969 and 1986. The aircrafts payload is 5,500 kg and has a hold size of 1110x220x160cm. It can range from short to medium haul. This aircraft bests suits flights for heavy cargo, bulk loading and flying to remote locations with a short runway.

The L-100 Hercules is seen as a versatile and robust aircraft. This is a military aircraft with a maximum payload of 20 tons. It holds a medium haul range and is the biggest commercial fleet available for the Hercules line that is operated by a United States airline. This aircraft is a good fit for heavy and large freight and short runways. The Hercules is the biggest and heaviest aircraft that has landed on an aircraft carrier.

The Airbus 300-600F can hold a capacity of 46 tons. This makes the aircraft a good match for higher volume freight. It is a good match for medium range flights, especially to and from middle-east regions, since these flights usually require a high loader for loading. Airports usually do not have this required equipment. This charter aircraft is most used by Fedex, with 68 airframes.

The Learjet 60XR is regarded as a fast aircraft suited for worldwide operation. This business jet has a maximum speed of 859 km/h with a configuration for a total of 7 passengers. This aircraft is ideal for super-urgent and small parts. Due to the great range of the jet, it can fly directly to the United States from Europe.


October 12, 2022