Different Types of Landing Gear

Tail Wheel-Type Landing Gear

1. Conventional landing gear

2. Located forward of the center of gravity

3. Require wheel support under the tail

4. Angle of aircraft allows for the addition of a propeller

Tandem Landing Gear

1. ain gear and tail gear are aligned on the longitudinal axis

2. Commonly used by sailplanes

3. Permits use of flexible wings for aircraft

Tricycle-Type Landing Gear

1. Allows for more vigorous braking without a resulting nosedive

2. Enables faster landing speeds

3. Better visibility from flight deck

4. Prevents ground-looping

Fixed and Retractable Landing Gear


Usually used on small, single-engine aircrafts

Gear is attached to the airframe, always in an extended position

Can cause parasite drag due to air resistance

Pilots can use to their advantage when needing to slow aircraft down

Wheels are most commonly used –skids, skis and floats can also be applied


Stowed in fuselage or wing compartments when not in use

Eliminate parasite drag, reduce air resistance

Add additional weight to aircraft (on aircraft that are already slower, the penalty of added weight overcomes any parasitic drag, and fixed gears are used instead)

Leaf-Type Spring Gear

1. Non-shock absorbing struts

2. Made from composite materials

3. Lightweight and flexible

4. Non-corrosive


1. Cause direct shock on the airframe

2. Rough landing for passengers

3. Pneumatic tires help soften landing impact

Bungee Cord

1. Allows the strut assembly to flex upon landing

2. Bungee cords are positioned between the landing gear and airframe structure

3. Transfer landing loads to airframe instead of landing gear

Shock Struts

1. Self-contained hydraulic units

2. Most common method of landing shock dissipation

3. Support aircraft while on the ground

4. Protect structure during landing

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October 12, 2022