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FSG 15 aircraft and airframe structural components

Here at ASAP Aviation Procurement, we have the capabilities of offering a wide selection of various different types of Federal Supply Codes, often referred to as FSCs, which is a four digit code used by the government. This four digit code can be found within a National Stock Number, and serves to help with identifying and classifying the suppliers, services, and products that the government buys and uses. The National Stock Number consists of a number code comprised by thirteen digits—the first two digits of this code is often referred to as the Federal Supply Group.

For management purposes, each Federal Supply Code is used to distinguish a group of products into logical families. The Federal Supply Group 15 is comprised of a broad range of aircraft equipment.

Within this Group 15, we are capable of providing a comprehensive selection of Federal Supply Codes, such as:

  • FSC 1510 – Aircraft, Fixed Wing
    Using a set of stationary wings to produce lift, fixed-wing aircraft are what come to mind when people think of airplanes. From the Wright Brothers’ 1903 Flyer to the Boeing 777 jet airliner, the fixed-wing designs remains the most prevalent aircraft shape in the industry.

  • FSC 1520 – Aircraft, Rotary Wing
    Via motorized sets of blades to create lift, rotary-wing aircraft are able to move vertically, horizontally, backwards, laterally, and hover. Helicopters, autogyros, gyrodynes, and cyclocopters are types of rotary-wing aircraft.

  • FSC 1540 - Gliders
    Popular for recreational and sporting use, gliders are characterized by their high lift-to-drag ratio created by their extensive wings. They fly using rising air versus motorized engines.

  • FSC 1550 – Unmanned Aircraft
    Controlled autonomously by a system of onboard computers or remotely by a human pilot, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are gaining considerable popularity for both military and civilian use. Applications of UAVs include aerial surveying, reconnaissance, border patrol missions, aerial surveillance, crop spraying, and targeted killing.

  • FSC 1555 – Space Vehicles
    Used to transport humans and other payloads from the surface of the Earth to outer space, space vehicles are rocket-powered systems that consist of single or multi-stage rockets. Currently under development, reusable launch systems can be launched more than once, providing for more economical flights compared to current expendable systems.

  • FSC 1560 – Airframe Structural Components
    Airframe structural components include fuselages, wing skins, frames, rotor blades, control surfaces, nacelles, cowlings, fairings, landing gear, ribs, and spars.

At ASAP Aviation Procurement, we value the importance of knowing and recognizing which Federal Supply Codes apply to your needs. We provide our customers with a simplified and speedy procurement process. We offer cost-effective component solutions. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at sales@asap-aviationprocurement.com or call us at 702-919-1616.


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