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Here at ASAP Aviation Procurement for management purposes, each Federal Supply Code is used to distinguish a group of products into logical families. The Federal Supply Group 31 is comprised of a broad range of bearings.

Within this Group 31, we are capable of providing a comprehensive selection of Federal Supply Codes, such as:

  • FSC 3110 – Bearings Antifriction Unmounted
    Antifriction, unmounted bearings are typically rollers or balls that are confined by an inner and outer rings called races to relieve friction. The motion of each race allows for the rollers or balls to roll with very little sliding and resistance. In the case of ball bearings, each race will contain a groove that is slightly larger than the ball so that it can move smoothly between the races. Two kinds of unmounted antifriction bearings are cylindrical bearings and spherical bearings, with cylindrical bearings being the more common of the two. It’s almost as if the ball is intended to glide between the races.

  • FSC 3120 – Bearings Plain
    Belting drives are made of flexible material and connect two or more mechanical rotating shafts. Belting drives are usually utilized as a source of motion to transmit power, but they can also be used to track relative movement. These systems are very one of the cheapest and most efficient means of transferring power. Additional advantages include little running noise and ample cushioning against load changes, despite having less strength than gear pulley sprockets and transmission chains.

  • FSC 3130 – Bearings Mounted
    Mounted bearings are commonly called pillow bearings, and consist of housings which have bearings fitted into them. Unlike other types of bearings, mounted bearings do not need to be purchased separately from their housing. Pillow blocks are typically mounted in safer, cleaner environments and are intended for lower loads when compared to other types of bearings. The bearing housing is bolted to a foundation so that it will not move, and a number of different sealants are added to the bearing so that contaminants cannot enter the housing. This clean environment allows mounted bearings to achieve long duty cycles and increased performance.

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