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FSG 52 measuring tools

Federal Supply Group 52 consists of the following products calipers, levels, micrometers, plumb bobs, precision tapes, squares, angle gages, center gages, depth gages, and planner gages, rivet selector gages, saw tooth set gages, screw pitch gages and etc. These are all tools that are used for measuring different items in a variety of industries. At ASAP Aviation Procurement, through our proprietary website ASAP Aviation Procurement, you are able to find a wide ranging inventory lists of part types and National Stock Number parts associated with this stock number. Federal Supply Group 52 is subdivided into the following classes:

An example of how one of the product under the Federal Supply Group 52 is a plumb bob that is used to provide vertical datum lines for the building measurements or finding the perpendicular line to a horizontal plane. The Office of the Secretary of Defense developed and adopted this classification system that assists with classifying/identifying the products, supplies and services that the government uses and buys. At Black Paw we have an expansive inventory of different types of products associated with Supply Code 52 that are identified with the Defense Logistics Agency. ASAP Aviation Procurement supplies a broad range of products associated with this federal supply code through our proprietary website ASAP Aviation Procurement.


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