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FSG 55 lumber millwork plywood and veneer

Federal Supply Group 55 corresponds to products such as dimensional lumber, wood flooring, mine timbers, poles, railroad ties, wood siding, molding, stakes, and etc. The Federal Supply Group is the first 2 digits of the Federal Supply Code. The Federal Supply Code is the first four numbers of an item's National Stock Numbers. The two numbers that follow the Federal Supply Code are the classes that the item corresponds to. The Office of the Secretary of Defense developed and adopted this system that makes it easier for products to be identified and classified. At ASAP Aviation Procurement, we understand the importance of knowing which Federal Supply Code's apply to your products in order to register to do business with the government. Federal Supply Group 55 is divided into these segments:

An example of what type of product falls under Supply Group 55 is a block, filler, wood that is a piece of wood, usually rectangular shaped that is used to fill a space between two parts or member of an object. Another product that is a part of Supply Group 55 is shavings/wood that consists of irregular wafer-thin particles of wood that are by-products or waste material from the lumber industry. These by-products may be 25 percent sawdust and/or wood flour according the Defense Logistics Agency. At ASAP Aviation Procurement, we ensure that our inventory of NSN parts and FSC's are identified with the Defense Logistics Agency. Within each one of these codes, you are able to find a broad range of National Stock Number parts on our proprietary website ASAP Aviation Procurement.


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