5000 Marks a Significant Mile Stone for Bells Mirabel Facility

Mirabel, QC Canada is home to the Bell Helicopter Textron facility that has completed a significant mark as a entire facility. The Mirabel location has completed its 5000 aircraft with the hard and efficient work of its employees. As Bell continues to increase its order log it requires from many of its locations to complete these orders in a timely fashion and is no easy task. Building up to the completion of the 5000th aircraft, Bell was presented with an order from a Chinese company known as Shaanxi Helicopter Co Ltd. (SHC). The order was detailed with the completion of 100 of Bells 407GXPs type aircrafts.

The Mirabel location has been in business since the year 1986 and has become a key component to Bells production line. It is now in charge of delivering and assembling the models such as Ranger X, 429, 412EPI, 407GXP and the Bell 505.

The 407GXP has been a modification air craft to Bells 407 model. The most innovative engine created by Rolls Royce known as the M250 has been added to the 407 GPX creating a more fuel efficient and enhanced performance experience. Along with the added engine the 407 GXP has also enhanced its transmission TBO extension of +500 hours. The extension of the TBO creates reduced maintance cost as an overall. With the improved aircraft attributes, it is allowed a 50 lbs. increased payload for the 407 GXP model.

The newer type of 407GXP has been chosen for a prime mission for due to its cabin style that is able to perform a different variety of operations. The 407 model is not as agile and mobile as the newer model so tends to stick to missions such as Energy space and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

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