Viking Acquires Qualification Approval for Flight Simulator

The Canadian based airline Viking just secured a qualification approval from Transport Canada. This qualification approval is for the Level D full flight simulator for the 400 Twin Otter family of aircraft. The actual approval is through Viking Air’s sister company, Pacific Sky Aviation.

The simulator will have the same exact cockpit, avionics systems and flight behavior, making it an exact replica of the Twin Otter Series 400. These simulators will allow instructors to create training events from any GPS location or airport. This feature will allow customers to operate from virtually any where at any time, and allows for special operations unique to the Series 400 Twin Otter. The digital stimulation will also allow for instructors to replicate emergency scenarios that are approved by the aircraft manufacturer. This will allow for training piolets to get ‘real’ practice. The simulator will also allow for practice in take-off and landing in various states which include; sea, winds and water conditions.

This leading-edge technology will allow Vikings to better train its customers in diverse situations. The training will allow for piolets to follow better safety procedures, proficiency in emergency situations and expertise in take off and landing.

Viking is the aviation manufacturer or the series 400 Twin Otter, one of the worlds best selling turbo-prop aircrafts.

The 400 Twin Otter aircraft has been sold to 26 countries worldwide, which will all have new and improved safety training. This is a big step in the right direction for Viking Inc, as this collaboration will overall improve their brand, and their aircrafts. Viking believes that this simulator will highly improve the lives of their customers, and the safety of passengers.

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