BAE Charge Flight Trials of Eurofighter

BAE Systems has triumphantly achived flight trials of Eurofighter Typhoon with MBDA's Brimstone air-to-surface weapon. The trials were conducted using the UK Typhoon Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) 6 to gather air data on the weapon and increase the carriage envelope. During the trials, Aero Data Gathering (ADG) flights were performed to test how the addition of the Brimstone weapon and other assets cooperate with the aircraft’s flight control system software.

BAE Systems Military Air & Information business Chief Test Pilot Steve Formoso said: “The results have been excellent, with the pilot maintaining maneuverability whilst carrying a heavy weapons load. The detailed results of these trials will now be analyzed and further testing carried out ahead of firing trials. The low-collateral Brimstone will provide the Typhoon pilot with the ability to precisely attack fast-moving targets at range, further enhancing the aircraft’s already potent air-to-surface capabilities.”

The flight trials design is part of the ongoing improvement work on the Phase 3 Enhancement (P3E) package for Typhoon. The P3E package also consist of delivering sensor and mission system upgrades as part of Project Centurion to ensure a smooth development of Tornado efficiency on to Typhoon for the Royal Air Force by the end of 2018.

Roughly 40 trials were operated by pilots from the Royal Air Force’s 41(R) Squadron to assimilate Brimstone with Typhoon. The aircraft flew with, two Pave way IV laser-guided / GPS bombs and two launchers each containing three Brimstone missiles, four AMRAAM, and two ASRAAM.  Also, firing trials are normally to be run later this year to test the capability of the weapon in operational scenarios.

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