Amphibian Seaplane AG-600 Takes its First Flight from Land

State run Aviation company, Aviation Industry Corporation of China has created what is known as the AG-600 “amphibian” sea plane. The AG-600 also known as the Kunlong by its natives the aircraft initiates its first flight from land. The aircraft has full capability of departing from the large bodies of water. The process of creating such as unique aircraft took a process of approximately 7 years. Its main purpose is to be able to perform different variety of tasks such as sea rescues, firefighting and will be used as a law enforcement for Southern Chinas artificial islands.

It’s one of kind design makes it the one and only in the industry and the beginning to aircrafts of its type. Becoming the world’s largest land and sea aircraft having completed its first flight from the Civil Aviation Airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Aviation Industry Corporation has created the AG-600 with strictly Chinese components. The aircraft will be equipped with four WJ-6 engines deriving from older model engines made in the 1950s. The aircraft will not carry any ammunition but is suitable for carrying large missiles or torpedoes due the size and capacity of the aircraft.

The AG600 has a wingspan of 121 feet and a maximum takeoff weight of 53.6 tons, making it about as large as an Airbus 320 or Boeing 737. The amphibious seaplane features both a boat-like hull for water takeoffs and landings and a conventional, tricycle-style set of landing gears for operating from a runway.

When empty the Kunlong has the ability to seat up to 50 passengers comfortably. Its size is no factor for its ability to fly as the aircraft can stay in the air for over 12 hours reaching up to 2800 flight miles. Aviation Industry Corporation is currently underway on promoting the Kunlong as it has currently reached over 17 orders to different branches in the Chinese Government.

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