Bell Helicopter Opens Training Center in Spain, The First Outside The US

On February 14th, Bell Helicopter opened its first training center in outside the United States in Spain. This is a huge lead forward for the customer service and support provider.

The training will begin with a level D simulator manufactured by TRY Simulation + Training and configured as a Bell 429. Some of the new designs of the Odyssey H device include “A curved, continuous screen/display with 11 projectors creating a 240-degree-horizontal by 80-degree-vertical field of view. To produce vibration within cockpit and to make it more realistic, it also has secondary motion base system. An iPad can serve as the instructor station, and the simulator is designed to swap out the cockpit module with a different helicopter type.”

Bell supports different customers worldwide, and this new training center allows the company to bring support closer to its customers outside the United States. As expected, Bell has received support from its European customers. Much to Bell’s surprise, it has received a lot of support from South America. It is currently waiting for Argentinian approval, as well as approval from other countries including India, Nigeria, Brazil and Chile.

Bell is expected to continue to do well in Europe, as it already has a strong base of customers. It currently totals close to seventy 429s in the European region. This includes 15 belonging to the Turkish national police and forestry, 7 to the Swedish national police, 3 to Air Transport Europe, and many other customers owning a single aircraft.

This Bell training center is also shared with Textron Citation’s service center facility. While one half of the simulation room remains empty, Textron is looking into placing a device meant for fixed wing pilot training and added value. The executive vice president of customer support believes that these new services provided will allow continuing growth from the state and police sectors.


September 1, 2022