Boeing Keen to Manufacture F/A-18 Fighters in India

Posted on February 11, 2016 Anthony Cordle Boeing Keen to Manufacture F/A-18 Fighters in India

According to India Times, Boeing is planning to offer its F/A-18 fighter jets to India. These F/A-18 jets are a main component of the US Navy. Since India’s government has been pushing for more ‘Make in India’ products, Boeing offered to manufacture these F/A-18 fighter jets in India in hopes of being declared the winner of the multi-billion dollar contract from one of the biggest military spenders.

The F/A-18 fighter jet is a super hornet. This super hornet is considered a twin engine with supersonic capabilities. Not only this, but it is also an all-weather multi-role fighter jet. This fighter jet has the ability to land and take off from its aircraft carrier.

Dennis A Muilenburg, the Chief Executive Officer at Boeing, talks about the analysis of taking on this contract during a talk in New Delhi. "We are taking a hard look at the opportunity for the F18 fighter jet as an area where we can build industrial capacity, supply chain partnerships, technical depth, design and manufacturing capability in India, providing an operational capability that is useful for Indian defense forces."

Muilenburg mentions how the Make in India works with the strategy. “Make in India is an enabler aligned with that strategy.”

Muilenburg goes into further analysis as to why working with India can be mutually beneficial. "Our intent here is to build an industrial framework for the long run that builds on the aerospace investments being made not only by program by program, but also by long-term industrial capacity that is globally competitive.”

This is considered Muilenburg’s first time doing business with India since he recently became the Chief Executive Officer of Boeing in July.

Boeing, founded in July 15th 1916, is a is a $91 billion aerospace company that employs over 150,000 personnel. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and was founded in Seattle, Washington.

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