New Record: Aerospace Record Set by Rolls-Royce

Posted on March 26, 2018 Anthony Cordle New Record: Aerospace Record Set by Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce and Liebherr-aerospace Lindenberg GmbH have set a record for the world’s most powerful gearbox, with a total of 70,000 horsepower. With the power of about 400 family carts at full throttle. They accomplished this only months after they started testing it in May. This aerospace gearbox will be used for the UltraFan engine, assisting in making it more efficient with the use of increased endurance and reliability. This gearbox is so powerful, it can transmit more power than an entire grid of Formula 1 cars when running at full power.

This efficient design is lighter allowing the UltraFan to offer an up to 25% fuel efficiency. It is achieved by allowing the engine in the center to run at high speeds, while the fans on the outer rim run slower. Rolls-Royce and Liebherr-aerospace Lindenberg GmbH have been working on their next generation products, and this gearbox is the big step they needed for continuous increasing success. Rolls-Royce aviation components have always been a place to look for innovative new-comings. Assisting Rolls-Royce continuously make history is Liebherr-aerospace Lindenberg GmbH.

This UltraFan using the new gearbox is currently being tested for circumstances it would encounter while on the wing of an aircraft and doing great. However, the UltraFan will not be available until 2025. It will have features including; low emissions and max fuel burn efficiency, light weight, heat resistance while requiring less cooling air, and power efficiency. Neither Rolls-Royce or Liebherr-aerospace Lindenberg GmbH will stop here. They both continue to brainstorm and act on innovative products that will land the aerospace industry into the next generation of abilities and efficiency.

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