Taking Pilot Training to the Next Level

The job of a pilot is prestigious but risky and difficult, on average pilots spend about 70 to 100 hours a month in the air. Therefore, piloting requires high attention to detail, patience as well as hard and intensive training. The F-35 Full Mission Simulator (FMS) is the next-generation U.S. fighter aircraft pilot training.

In all of the simulators, F-35 software is used to give students the most realistic experience possible while accelerating the process for software upgrades as the F-35 continues to develop and mature.

The FMS includes a high-fidelity 360-degree visual display system and is the highest fidelity trainer in the F-35 pilot-training-device suite, accurately replicating all F-35 sensors and weapons deployment. Moreover, the pilot will experience the standard takeoff and landing, together with short takeover and vertical landing. The two main components in the FMS are the RGB Spectrum DGy JPEG 2000 recording and streaming codec and the Multicast Video Server (MVS) multi-channel storage and recording management system.

Revolutionary situational awareness is provided by the advance technology of the F-35’s Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS). Day or night, the pilot is able to experience extreme spatial orientation, tactical superiority and superior weapons targeting. Six infrared cameras arranged around the aircraft allows the pilots to “look through” the airplane in real-time imagery. On the other hand, on the helmet’s visor is projected all the necessary data pilots need to complete their mission: altitude, heading, airspeed and warnings.

Since its founding in 1987, RGB Spectrum has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video/graphics processors and decision support systems.

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September 1, 2022