The Air Force is Only Getting Better and Better

Posted on November 9, 2016 Anthony Cordle The Air Force is Only Getting Better and Better

The air force is always looking for different ways to improve their technology and improve their functions. It can be little things but at the end everything matters. They have set a role to be the best and to act as the best for a long time and they continue to be in that role until today. They are always trying to improve and are always taking suggestions and open to communication. Because they are trying to be the best they recently upgraded their HH-60 G search and rescue helicopters with Esterline CMC avionics. This is going to cost the air force a lot of money they announces that at least it’s going to cost 7.1 million sole source contract for integration and production. This new Helicopter aviation is very expensive. The reason it is so expensive is that is very reliable and has excellent quality, it combines CDE and flight management system in one box which saves a lot of weight. That way it can hold more people in case of a rescue. It also saves space which can be helpful in the case of emergencies.

CMC officials say “The CMA-2082M is an intelligent, self-contained multifunction control and display unit that integrates and provides centralized control of navigation sensors and radios, communications radios, displays, mission avionics, and aircraft systems. These benefits are really good for the US air force. It can’t be really beneficial for when it’s time to rescue someone. It can make the process a lot faster and quicker. This new improvement has been tested. It functions really well and a lot of other forces or companies are starting to hear about it therefor it is promoting more improvement to gain more sale.

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January 22, 2016

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