U.S Navy Releases US$52m Contract to BAE Systems to Sustain and Support their Control/Landing Systems

The US navy has awarded BAE systems with a contract of 52 million US dollar contract. The duration of this contract is too be extended for an approximate five years and will continue to perform maintenance to ensure the efficiency of The US Navy’s controls and landing systems. BAE and the Navy have a prolonged relationship with this contract only being a continuation to their extensive line of work that has been created over the years.

The systems that are to be maintained help the Navy Pilots land safely onto water or ground in all weather conditions while being provided with electronic guidance. BAEs precise reasoning for the contract is to,” test, evaluate, and certify Navy aircraft landing systems and subsystems.” Alongside many tasks BAE is required to overhaul and restore Navy’s systems and equipment using their well-known engineering and technical expertise for any problem or update they may need to address. As the US Navy has many stations across the globe they will begin with the maintenance at their St. Inigoes, Maryland site. To date the company continues to grow largely and provide many sub divisions with aeronautical assistance. “BAE Systems provides a broad range of solutions and services, including intelligence analysis, cyber operations, IT, systems development, systems integration, and operations and maintenance to enable the U.S. military and government to recognize, manage, and defeat threats.”

BAE systems is a British company that continues to service the industry in the Defense security and aerospace divisions. It is based out of London, UK and is incorporated worldwide. As of 2012 it was ranked amongst the highest based companies’ applicable revenue. Although only one of BAEs sub diaries is in the US it plays an enormous roll in many of the American aviation companies. ASAP Aviation Procurement

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