Airbus Reveals HForce Weapons Package

Airbus Helicopters, the helicopter manufacturing division of Airbus Group, has recently announced a new “generic” weapon system for use on the H125M light single, the H145M light twin, as well as the H225M medium twin helicopters. This new weapon system, named the “HForce,” will adhere to an incremental approach in order to arm the manufacturer’s military commercial rotorcrafts. This newly structured offer will include a variety of guided and ballistic weapons as well as accompanying targeting systems.

We can do air-to-air, air-to-surface and air-to-ground, said a sales promotion manager at Airbus Helicopters, Philippe Kohn.

In its most basic form, the “option zero” level of equipment simply features a helicopter which is mission ready. The helicopter airframe is reinforced in order to equip pods and guns, as the electric harness includes associated provisions.

Option zero is deterrent, as your neighbors will know you can easily turn your basic aircraft into light attack helicopters, Kohn added.

Option 1 features an additional ballistic firing system equipped with a helmet-mounted sight and display (HMSD) for the pilot. Option 2 features an additional HMDS for the gunner as well, and also features an electro-optical system (EOS) based upon a forward-looking infrared turret from Wescam. Either the pilot can fire with their HSMD, or the gunner can fire with the EOS as well. Option 3 features an additional guided weapons system, which is designed to work with a gun turret which will potentially be available for Option 4.

If a customer wants another gun, we can integrate it, but our basic offer is the best compromise in operational, cost and time-to-market terms, said Kohn.

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October 12, 2022