Gulfstream Test Flying their G600 Aircraft Models

Jet aircrafts are some of the most popular airplanes that exist today, they are considered compact but yet spacious, reliable, easy to handle and fuel efficient. Jet airplanes are very popular among many companies that like to use smaller size airplanes compared to the big commercial airplanes. Also lots of business people, celebrities and politicians enjoy the perks of having compact jet planes because they can be as small as private jets and can be as big as full size airplanes carrying over 100 passengers. Gulfstream which is a division of General Dynamics and specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing airplanes, Business-jet Aircrafts. Gulfstream – A leading aircraft manufacturer since 1958 and they have served more than 2000 planes to customers around the world. Some of the planes that you might of heard of are G500, G600, G650 and the G650ER.

Last year Gulfstream has produced a flight-test aircraft, a G600 flight-test aircraft and this year in February they have announced their second G600 which has completed a flight duration of over 4 hours and this made it join the flight-test campaign. Creating 2 test flights is said will create an accelerated program in order to push the G600 into service. One aircraft can be utilized to test speed and duration to see how far and how fast the aircraft can go, and the second aircraft can be utilized to test the load in the airplane and how much can the aircraft carry. Every step is designed to get the design of the aircraft closer to production and service. Therefore making the customers who are waiting for the product happy.

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