Next Stop Cuba from USA

As the embargo days come to an end, the U.S and Cuba go underway with the beginning of regular scheduled flights from and to both countries. On the 16th of Feb. 2016 Cuba’s foreign trade minister spoke at the U.S chamber of Commerce over the flight traveling. Being the first time that a Cuban minister was in Washington while a U.S Secretary was in the Havana.

The assistant secretary of state as well as the sec of state for economic and business affairs, Anthony Foxx and Charles Rivkin, autograph the civil aviation agreement at the Hotel Nacional in Havana allowing scheduled flights to fly in and out of both countries. Commercial Flights haven’t been scheduled between both countries since the revolution in 1959.

This is a great step for both countries to begin commerce once again and a great step for Cuba’s progress as a country that is no longer under the dictation order.

“We are here today because our leaders, President Obama and President Castro, made the courageous decision to stop being the prisoners of history and to focus on the opportunities of today and tomorrow,” said Charles Rivkin.

The terms of the agreement will allow 10 flights to nine other destinations within Cuba and 20 flights headed to Havana daily.  Airlines must submit their proposals to fly to Cuba before March 2nd 2016. Airlines that have looked further into signing up for this new agreement are JetBlue, Sprint, Southwest, United and Delta and more to come.

Although the U.S still does not allow its citizens to travel to Cuba for tourism, they allow athletes, students and artists to board. Talks of Cuba building cruise terminals in Havana by the Cuban Minister of foreign trade.

“we need to achieve ways to make concrete business happen. We need to show things are happening.”

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October 12, 2022