Polishing and Maintaining Aircraft Appearance

Posted on October 3, 2017 Anthony Cordle Polishing and Maintaining Aircraft Appearance

Owners and Maintance personnel of aircrafts can attest that keeping aircrafts looking in top shape can get costly and require a lot of time. Using premium products benefit the aircraft from piled up dirt and other unwanted accumulated particles. As many airlines want to promote their names to increase their customers they rely on the impeccable look for their aircrafts.There is various step to cleaning your aircrafts the precise and efficient way. Flitz polish is very commonly used product that has been in the industry for more than 30 years. It is an all-around product that can be applied to various surfaces and materials for optimal looks. Surfaces that show maximum performance are brass, copper, silver plate, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, aluminum to name a few. The Flitz polish comes in a liquid and paste option that can be applied on with a basic dry microfiber towel.

Micro Surface Leading Edge Polishing Kit

The Micro Surface Leading Edge Polish is meant to cut down the time and is meant for optimal presicion on hard to reach areas that can often be time consuming. Consisting of aluminum cutting fluid , loop discs, a soft interface pad , two flannel cloths, a back foam polishing pad, a lambs wool polishing pad , and instructions. Recommended to be able non painted , aluminum parts.


Wash ALL can be used as an all surface cleaner and it is strong enough to be presentable on its own . Although the wash can be used on its own further cleaning such as water marks require additional products such as the Water Spot Remover also offered by Aero Cosmetics.

For the finishing touches the polish ALL can be applied to dry and dirt-free areas. Instructions how to apply are included but mostly consist of a circular rotation.

LP Aero Plastics (Acrylic Polish & Sealant)

After one use of the Acrylic Polish & Sealant there will be a nice think layer polish that sticks to the aircraft making it worthwhile. LP Aero Plastics advises to beware of using products that maybe often used to clean similar surfaces as they may flammable or unsafe.

AVL Clear View Plastic Polish

This product Is highly recommended when It comes to cleaning thick plastics or plastics in general. Plastics often times is one of the factors that determine the appearance since there is not to many plastic products on the market.

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