South Korea Looks Into New and Improved Naval Helicopter

South Korea is looking to improve their Air Force and naval helicopters, helicopters play an important role in any country’s military system since they are very handy when it comes to quick mid-range transportation, rescue missions, fly into combat zones and much more. During a committee meeting for Korea's 99th Defense Business the discussion was open and the plan to improve the defense system by working on the helicopter project to improve the performance of their naval helicopters for national defense purposes. This was held on January the 17th of this year by the Defense Acquisition Program (DAPA). This project promises to support the Southern Korean Army and their Air Force, it’s going to support the performance and operation of the defense system. This project is going to look for local companies that have good relations with international companies in order to support this project.

The Boeing Chinook project is going to happen from 2018 to 2028, most of the main equipment that goes on the helicopter such as the helicopter’s cockpit, automatic flight control system and more will be replaced by more upgraded and updated parts. The first part of this project was completed last year by making sure that these helicopters are secured and ship-mounted. The next part of this project which requires purchasing more parts such as AW159 and other Sikorsky parts. This project is also intended to protect South Korea from any militant threats from North Korea.

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