Raytheon Released a New Phalanx Weapon

On May 26th, 2016, Beth Stevenson released an article on Flight Global talking about how Raytheon is using their Phalanx air defense system to counter UAV systems. UAV is short for unmanned air vehicles. These unmanned air vehicles are a threat to many of the military specifically the Navy vessels.

Under the United Kingdom government’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory’s laser directed energy weapon capability demonstrator or LDEW-CD, Raytheon is using a system for the Babcock effort. This program is used for exploring along with countering airborne threats. Another form of equipment that is used for countering airborne threats is the 20mm gatling gun.

Raytheon has been taking a bigger step towards countering UAVs in the recent years which has been becoming more of a demand. Because of this, there have been a significant increase in the amount of unmanned systems that pose a threat to both infrastructure and people.

Here’s what Andy Rhodes, one of the business development leads for missile systems at Raytheon, has to say about the new Phanlax.

There is nothing to stop militaries using Phalanx for this. It has previously been used to shoot down mortars during land operations, so can bring down UAVs as well.

Rhodes mentioned this to Flight Global on May 25th 2016 during a media event at the Scotland facility in Glenrothes.

Raytheon is a huge American defense contractor that focuses most of its concentration on weapons, military, and commercial electronics. Raytheon was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1922. The company’s headquarters is also located in Massachusetts in a different city, Waltham.

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