Defense Program Launched by Hellenic Navy, Lockheed Martin and HAI

Current situations in the Mediterranean region is causing a lot of tension in the Middle East and in Southeast Europe. Hellenic Navy, Lockheed Martin and HAI are taking preparatory steps towards their defense by upgrading the P-3 Orion. There was a celebration on July 25th of 2016 in the city of Athens regarding the P-3B patrol aircraft modernization, the first two aircrafts were shipped to the HAI’s facilities at Tanagra from Elefsis Air Base. The Lockheed Martin Aeronautics were granted approximately $149 million by the U.S. Navy and they have agreed on an undefinitized contract to allow the modernization of the Hellenic Navy P-3B Orion.

The United States government has also agreed or contracted on transparency with the government of Greece and to fairly reasonable cost for the P-3B aircraft program. The U.S. government also provides an operational skills program for the Hellenic Armed Forces. This agreement re-establishes one P-3b aircraft and supplies the aircraft with modernization software and hardware for the upgrade up to cover four different P-3B aircrafts. On top of that, the service covered on the aircraft covers up to 15,000 hours of fly time and provides regular maintainance for the P-3B patrol aircraft modernization.

The P-3 Orion is the military way of observing the enemy and has been a tool for national security, for measures designed to prevent or thwart piracy on the seas, on missions to protect human wellbeing, even gather intelligence and assist in natural disaster and war aids. It is a wise choice to choose the P-3 Orion for the upgrade and modernization mission. Also in addition, the Greece’s domestic defense industry is receiving approximately around 29% of the industrial, financial and processing advantages of this project. Therefore; Greece’s economic and technological advancement goes up as Greece’s domestic defense industry can independently support and run this project.

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