First Airbus A330neo Starts its Final Assembly in Toulouse

Finally, the very first A330neo has been finished by Airbus Industries. The A330-900 was finished at its last stop in an assembly line located in Toulouse, France. The A330-900 is moving right along schedule and is on time with the finishing touches of this new and improved aircraft. Airbus has claimed that customers will be very pleased with the outcome of the aircraft as it will be a very reliable aircraft.

2017 is the expected date that airbus believes to have the certification for the A330-900, the end of 2017 that is. A great included aspect of the aircraft Is the fuel design. The fuel design will allow for an extra 400-mile travel which will make the total travel 6,550 miles. Already, ten costumers have bought 186 A330neo’s since available in the year of 2014. They became popular when they were showed off at the Farnborough Airshow back in 2014. The AirAsia holds the record for most on order, which is a total of 66. The next company with the most orders is Delta Airlines with a total of 25 on order, while Hawaiian airlines has a total of 6 ordered A330-800neos to switch out their order for A350-800neos. TAP Portugal is the head in the game with a quantity of 14 A330-900, but they are at a tie with Indonesia who also has 14 aircrafts on order. Indonesia originally started out with 7 A330-300’s so they are making a huge upgrade in aircrafts.

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