First F-35A "Adir" for Israel Taking Shape in Fort Worth

Just this past week, Lockheed Martin and Israeli Defense officials held a press conference to announce that they have officially begun construction on the first F-35 “Adir” Lightning II for Israel. The F-35A “Adir” (which means “Mighty One” in Hebrew) variant will essentially be the regular F-35 except with a few minor Israel specific tweaks including Elbit Systems helmet mounted displays, Elbit Systems fuselage composite components, and Israel Aerospace Industries wing construction.

Israel must constantly evolve their Defense industry in order to keep up with emerging threats, and F-35A “Adir” production over the coming years will be critical towards maintaining Israel’s military superiority in the Middle East. With a distinct combination of advanced stealth technology and blazing fighter jet speed, the F-35A is an ideal fit for Israel’s defensive needs.

The F-35A jets for this order will be entirely manufactured in Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth based facilities. In 2015, Lockheed met its production goal of 45 F-35s, but they are looking to expand their yearly production numbers in the near future. Lockheed is looking to ramp up their F-35 program in the coming years so that by 2019, their Joint Program Office will have roughly 500 operational jets across the world. This an immense jump in production considering that today there are only 126 operational jets in existence.

"Today marks a new beginning for tactical aviation for Israel," said Jeff Babione, Lockheed Martin F-35 program manager. "Lockheed Martin is proud of our long and storied relationship with Israel's armed forces. The F-35A Adir strengthens our solid relationship with the IAF and ensures that the Israeli aerospace industry will remain strong for decades to come."

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February 7, 2020