Saving Aviation Through Drone Investment

Andrew Schmertz, CEO of Hopscotch Air, Inc and blog commentator makes a comparison between two very distinct industries, Hollywood and the aviation market. Though their differences are clear, he finds there is common ground in their struggle.

At one period in time, the movie industry took a downturn. VCRs were a new commodity and Hollywood fought to no avail to end the momentum home recording was gaining. After some time, it was apparent that VCRs actually protected the movie industry from failing. Schemertz believes aviation is experiencing the same downward trend. Kids are not as interested in planes and aviation, evident in the decline of pilot training and airplane sales. Similarly, the aviation industry views drones (unmanned aviation systems) as competition. What the industry does not realize is that drones could actually generate interest in aviation once again. Drones are more high tech than ever before, they are easily operated- even through smartphone usage, and there are no existing regulations to stop their potential growth. Hundreds of thousands of drones have already been registered with The Federal Aviation Administration.

He believes there is a correlation between drone registration and increases in educational courses and instructive material for drones. Before general aviation continues to experience downward spirals within its market, experts should realize investing more in drone business could save aviation by inspiring new pilots and promoting an increase in sales.

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